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Manufacturer Aegis Dynamics
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Length 19 m
Beam 14.3 m
Height 5.4 m
Null-cargo mass 22000 Kg
Cargo capacity 10 t
Maximum crew 1 person
Upgrade space 4 slots
Maximum power plant size 3
Factory power plant MaxNet Powerfountain 2+
Max engine (primary thruster) 1x TR5
Factory engine Hammer Propulsion HL2.4
Maneuvering thrusters 8 x TR1
Factory maneuvering thrusters 8x Hydra Propulsion M1-16
Shield Sterne Katzen AG Hornisse-36
Class-1 2x Joker Suckerpunch distortion cannon (wings)
1x Kruger Intergalaktische Tigerstreik T-21 (nose)
Class-3 2x2 Talon Stalker IR (underwing)
Additional equipment Coming Soon
Product page Avenger
Avenger 02.jpg
The Aegis Avenger has had a long and storied life as the standard patrol craft of the UEE Advocacy. Although aging, the Avenger features a sturdy, reliable hull and the capacity for larger-than-expected engine mounts and a front-mounted cannon guaranteed to strike fear into your opponents.
An ex-police cruiser spacecraft, the Avenger is a powerful platform for Bounty Hunters to build their fortunes with. Featuring a rugged spaceframe and plenty of customization options, the Avenger is a great choice for someone who doesn’t want the flash of the 300 Series.

The Avenger is a Bounty Hunting ship manufactured by Aegis Dynamics.

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