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Crowdfunding is a method of financing a project where one requests funding from a large audience, usually including the eventual end users of the resulting product. Rather than relying on investors exchanging large sums of money for ownership or a future financial return on the investment, the company using crowdfunding takes a large number of small investments in exchange for various perks.

Funding of Star Citizen[edit | edit source]

Cloud Imperium Games is running its own crowdfunding campaign to finance the development of Star Citizen on the Roberts Space Industries website. The site offers a set of pledges with various physical and/or digital perks. It also lets the user buy various upgrades through Voyager Direct.

An additional Kickstarter campaign was run from the 18th October, 2012 to the 19th November, 2012 and has independently raised $2,134,374. It offered the original pledges and had its own funding and stretch goals which were merged back into the overall goals. Its original pledge goal of $500,000 was achieved on October 25, 2012.