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Guns are a type of weapon that fire destructive projectiles incapable of self-propulsion. Once fired, these projectiles continue on their path until they hit something. Guns are broadly classified as either energy or ballistic weapon.

Gun types[edit | edit source]

Energy weapons[edit | edit source]

Energy weapons generally fire various forms of subatomic particles. The following energy weapon models are intended to appear in the game at launch:

Ballistic weapons[edit | edit source]

Ballistic weapons fire some form of hard ammunition. The following ballistic weapon models are intended to appear in the game at launch:

Gun modifiers[edit | edit source]

Guns may be able to accept modifiers such as silencers, coolers, or overclockers.

Design philosophy[edit | edit source]

The developers feel that the number of gun models should be kept to a lower number initially based on their experience with the Wing Commander series. In the earlier games, I and II, the gun loadouts were more memorable and players were likely to have a favorite loadout, but in III and later, players were much less likely to even remember what loadout a specific fighter had.

The intention is to build a few iconic gun types and then add more over time, particularly similar weapons by other companies or subordinate models of existing guns. The introduction of a truly new gun, such as a particle cannon, would be treated as a major event in the game world.