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The Hornet is a series of powerful dogfighting spacecraft manufactured by Anvil Aerospace. It usually refers to the F7A Hornet military model.

Models[edit | edit source]

Brochure[edit | edit source]

The brochure for the Hornet F7C is available on the RSI Website

Original specs[edit | edit source]

In the original development document, the Hornet had the following specs:

 Upgrade Capacity: 6
 Cargo Capacity: 4 tonnes
 Modifiers: 2
 Max. Class: Fusion
 Thrusters: 1 x TR4, 8 x TR2
 2 x Class 1: Equipped 2 x MaxOx NN-13 Neutron Gun
 2 x Class 2: Equipped 2 x Klaus & Werner CF-117 Laser Gatling
 2 x Class 3: Equipped 4x Talon Devastator (HS) missiles
 2 x Class 4: None Equipped
 NOTE: On the military version of the Hornet the two Class 4 hardpoints are utilized by a Ball Turret with twin Laser Gatlings and a Canard Turret with twin Neuton Guns. The Ball Turret takes 4 Upgrade Slots (Its a ball turret or the decnet size cargo cargo hold)
 Similar to... F-71 Stiletto, ML3B Freij, Liberty Defender, X-Wing

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Screenshots of the Hornet in dogfights

Some of the earliest renders of the hornet were released in March 2013.

Videos[edit | edit source]

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