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Manufacturer Origin Jumpworks
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Length 11 m
Beam 10 m
Height 3 m
Null-cargo mass 14000 Kg
Cargo capacity 3 t
Maximum crew 1 person
Upgrade space 5 slots
Maximum power plant size 4
Factory power plant Coming soon
Max engine (primary thruster) 2x TR4
Factory engine Coming soon
Maneuvering thrusters 8x TR2
Factory maneuvering thrusters 10x Origin Scalpel Precision
2x Origin Omni Precision
Shield Coming soon
Class-2 2x (wingtip)
Class-3 2x (underwing)
Additional equipment Coming Soon
Product page [N/A M50]
If you want to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible and with as much style as possible then ORIGIN's M50 is for you. Featuring supercharged engines that counter a tiny weapons loadout, the M50 is a ship for going FAST.

The core spaceframe is used by both racing teams and for military courier missions, but the civilian M50 is a luxury spacecraft like no other. Perfect for the mercenary who prefers speed over armor in a dogfight… or the weekend warrior looking to impress the ladies.

The M50 is a racing ship manufactured by Origin Jumpworks.

Original specs[edit | edit source]

In the original development document, the M50 had the following specs:

 Upgrade Capacity: 5
 Cargo Capacity: 3 tonnes
 Modifiers: 3
 Max. Class: Fusion
 Thrusters: 2 x TR4, 8 x TR2
 2 x Class 2: Equipped 2 x Kroneg AS-44 Needle Repeater Laser
 2 x Class 3: Equipped 2 x Talon Devastator (HS) missiles

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