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Missiles are self-propelled weapons that often have some form of self-guidance and typically use some type of explosive warhead.

Missile characteristics[edit | edit source]

Guidance[edit | edit source]

Some missiles are "dumb," having no guidance system and thus functioning like rockets.

For missiles that do have some form of self-guidance, the types of guidance can include:

  • Heat seeking
  • Image recognition
  • Friend or foe

Propulsion[edit | edit source]

Normally, missiles use a thermal jet propellant system fueled either by liquid or solid propellant, but larger missiles may use exotic propulsion systems similar to those of spacecraft.

Payload[edit | edit source]

The payloads of a missile can be:

  • PBX High Explosive (HE)
  • Nuclear
    • Fission
    • Fusion
  • Electromagnetic pulse (EMP)
  • Antimatter

Missile models[edit | edit source]