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The search for The Next Great Starship has ended and Four Horsemen has taken the crown. You voted and now all Citizens will have the option to travel the ‘Verse in a ship designed by Four Horsemen. Congratulations to Four Horsemen and to all the teams that competed in TNGS. We shall see you, and the Redeemer, in the ‘verse.

The Redeemer is gunship manufactured by Aegis Dynamics. It was the winner of The Next Great Ship competition, and was added into the 'verse by CIG.

Models[edit | edit source]

Original specs[edit | edit source]

Currently known specs:

 Upgrade Capacity: 10
 Cargo Capacity: 15 tonnes
 Main Thrusters: 4 x TR2 
 Maneuvering Thrusters: 4
 2 x Class 3: 
 1 x Class 4: 
 2 x Class 5: 

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