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Manufacturer Musashi Industrial & Starflight Concern
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Length 90 m
Beam 25 m
Height 20 m
Null-cargo mass 125000 Kg
Cargo capacity 75 t
Maximum crew 2 person
Upgrade space 8 slots
Maximum power plant size 6
Factory power plant Coming soon
Max engine (primary thruster) 2x TR5

1x TR6

Factory engine Coming soon
Maneuvering thrusters 8x TR2
Factory maneuvering thrusters Coming Soon
Shield Coming soon
Class-2 2 available
Class-3 1 available
Class-5 1 available
Additional equipment Coming Soon
Product page [N/A Starfarer]
The MISC Starfarer is the galaxy's standard fuel transporter. Starfarers are ubiquitous on both sides of the fueling process: their massive tanks allow for both the collection of space borne fuel from gas giants and extrasolar sources as well as the transport of active fuel from refinery stations to the primary market.
Though the stock model lacks refinery equipment, the Starfarer does have docking mechanisms allowing it to conduct in-flight refueling operations with most spacecraft classes.
The most common Starfarer modification ships liquid foodstuffs in the same tanking system. A visually distinct long-haul bulk goods version mated to an alternate cargo chassis also exists, although it has proven far less popular than the more rugged Freelancer lineup. An armored tactical variant, the Starfarer Gemini (“Star-G”) is produced under contract by Aegis for use by the UEE military.

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