The Lost Generation: A Tonya Oriel Tale

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The Lost Generation: A Tonya Oriel Tale
The Lost Generation: A Tonya Oriel Tale header

The Lost Generation: A Tonya Oriel Tale is a in-universe serial story following rogue scientist and explorer Tonya Oriel. It isn't entirely clear whether the story is a dramatization of actual in-universe events or an example of in-universe fiction.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Issue #1
Tonya meets a man named Nagia on Spider to buy a Tevarin Codex, a rare text for their warrior religion, but Nagia tries to change the deal for triple the original price. Instead, Tonya takes the Codex and manages to get back to her ship and take off, despite Nagia chasing and shooting at her. Later, she arrives at Shubin Interstellar's corporate headquarters for a meeting over a potential job. After she deals with the necessary legal paperwork, she meets a few competitors, including a man named Senzen Turov who has stolen from her in the past and vice versa. The CEO, Gavin Arlington, arrives shortly thereafter and leads the group to a dig site where they find a molded, constructed plate with the word "Artemis" stenciled across it.
Issue #2
The Artemis was a generational ship launched in 2232 before the discovery of jump-points, carrying 5,000 humans in cryostatis to GJ 667Cc with an AI, Janus, at the helm. Until the discovery of the plate, no other sign of the ship had been located since contact was lost after Artemis left Sol system. Arlington reminds Tonya and her competitors that they are under a legal agreement not to reveal this information, fearing his mining operations would be shut down. Instead, he offers generous compensation and credit for the discovery to the individual who finds the crash site of the Artemis. Tonya returns to her ship to collect some equipment and records, and then returns to take pictures of the fragment, allowing her to determine the piece was probably part of the starboard thruster panel. She and Senzen work together to finishing digging up the fragment, she discovers a clean edge that suggests the piece was cut off. She returns to Arlington and suggests the Artemis landed on this world to make repairs rather than crashing here. Arlington reveals that Senzen is already there in the office. He mistakenly gives them both credit for the discovery and sends both of them out to find the ship.
Issue #3
Tonya argues with Senzen about the way he manipulated Arlington into assuming they made the discovery together and warns him to stay away. Returning to her ship, she scans both herself and her ship for bugs; she finds one under her collar and disposes of it before jumping to the Chronos system. She visits the Hartley Museum, remembering an old announcement about a special exhibit to the Artemis there. She meets the owner of the museum and asks him about the exhibit, but he reveals that the exhbit materials, including personal journals of the captain and a copy of the Janus AI code were seized by the bank as collateral for defaulted loans. Tonya inquires with the bank about buying the materials, but finds out it'll take weeks for a decision to be made on selling them. She decides she'll need to steal them.